Code of Conduct

TAREN is an inclusive and intersectional platform for educators to work together to end systemic racism in the school system.



We stand against exclusion of individuals based on their gender, sexual, or racial identities, and we oppose ideologies directed against the progression of animal rights.


Our platform will always prioritise marginalised groups. Diversity is one of our core values.


Our fundamental goal is to fight inequality, social injustice, and oppression in all its forms. Individuals who take on any association with TAREN must adhere to these values.


We do not tolerate any form of sexual or gender-based violence, the propagation of rape culture, or exclusive ideologies. We have zero tolerance for any sort of physical, verbal, or online violence and harassment.. Any abusive behaviour will be reported to the police immediately.


We tolerate no unwanted communications (online or otherwise) or aggressive behaviour directed toward our TAREN members, and we will report any such acts to the police.


We reserve the right to de-platform TAREN members who propagate exclusive ideologies or contradict our core beliefs. Those who are de-platformed may not associate themselves with TAREN in any way whatsoever.

Let’s build a better society together.

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Code Of Conduct.