Knowledge is the greatest weapon we have to change the world.

Reflect. Educate. Support. Empower. Critique. Transform.

The Anti-Racist Educators Network is a collaboration of passionate teachers, lecturers, researchers, parents and activists with expansive experience teaching in inner London, nationally and internationally. We have come together for one purpose – to support educators to eradicate racism in our education system.

We are a grassroots movement that believe that each individual holds responsibility to end racism. As educators we must be held to account for the role our education system reinforces systemic racism and colonial ideologies. By addressing the bias in our education system we can educate the next generation to create a society that is open minded and reflective.

Education is the greatest weapon we have to change the world and it’s time we as educators took our shot!

We have created this platform for educators to collaborate, share resources and come together for one purpose: to end systemic racism in the UK school system.

The Movement is growing..

BLM Maidenhead have requested to use the document to lobby their local MP.

Croydon Drop In, a staple in the borough for providing accessible and confidential support for 11-25 year olds, aim to implement the actions within their outreach service.

Twenty-Five schools across UK have implemented training and action plan to inform and direct planning, practice and policies so far.

  • SLT with 2020-2021 currciulum planning.
  • anti-racist policies have been revised or co-written.
  • Three London schools have adopted our Anti-Racist Practice pledge

Supporting local and national Anti-Racism community movements, groups and organisations.


Please use contact page to get involved, support or further information.

Thank you for all of your support so far!