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White Christmas is Cancelled
It is a little disputed fact that the Christian Nativity story is set in the Middle East yet the dominant portrayal of Jesus is that of a white European man with straight hair. Although there is little description in the bible, the book of Revelations describes the Christian messiah as wooly haired and with bronzed feet – so how has a blonde and blue eyed Christ become the archetypical depiction?. CNN June …
Diversity in Wellbeing booklist
Reflective Wellbeing Booklist and Resource links.
Black Scientists Classroom Displays
Science Posters reflective of the achievements of scientists from all backgrounds and heritages.
Pearson Education Diversity in Literature Webinar
Powerpoint created for Pearson's Education Decolonising The English Curriculum webinar.
Black History Resource Bank
An extensive drive full of resources, power points and background information on key figures, events , culture and ideologies of black people.

Knowing the constraints on resource budgets and the difficulties in committing to investment in new texts and resources we looked in our book corner to see which books we could pay a revisit.

To update and invest in high quality texts that are reflective of our diverse society, The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education has a great intersectional range of book lists to help with your selection.

Additional book lists and retailers can be found in the Action Plan downloadable from the home page.